Build a Safe and More Sellable Home

Fire Sprinklers keep you safe from fire and make your home more desirable when it comes time to sell.

Death in Home Fires 80% Lower in Homes with Fire Sprinklers 

Are you protecting your family and pets? Additionally, in a national poll 7 out of 10 people said a sprinklered house has more value than a non-sprinklered one. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

What do you need to know about home fire sprinklers?

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Affordable fire protection for you and your family. On average fire sprinklers cost $1.35 per square foot of sprinklered space in new construction (source Fire Protection Research Foundation 2013).

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Only the sprinkler nearest the flame activates to extinguish flames. Sorry, sprinklers flowing all at once is just a Hollywood myth.

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Fire sprinklers reduce property damage using only a fraction of the water a fire department uses. Stop the flame before it spreads.

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Fire sprinklers respond to heat, not smoke. Your burnt toast will not activate the sprinklers.

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Fire sprinklers fit seamlessly into your home design. With concealed covers, modern fire sprinklers practically disappear.

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Fire sprinklers respond to fire long before the call can even go out for help. It will be like having a fire department on duty in your home.

Watch the Side-by-Side Test Video to See How Fire Sprinklers Protect You and Your Property!

When it comes to protecting what you value most, fire sprinklers are second to none. Whether you’re just starting to look at fire sprinklers or are already planning to build with them, your next step is the same…

Download Your Fire Sprinkler Guides!

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What the Numbers Say:


of U.S. homeowners said they would be MORE LIKELY to buy a home with fire sprinklers than one without.


homeowners said a sprinklered house has MORE VALUE.


said fire sprinklers provide the ULTIMATE protection for residents.

2014 Harris Poll® conducted on behalf of HFSC

Next Step:


Answer your questions and get the information you need to design, plan, budget, and build with fire sprinklers by downloading your free copy of the Building with Fire Sprinklers guide. As a bonus, you will receive the Fire Sprinkler Consumer Information Guide with all the facts and figures about fire sprinklers in your home.

Your guides will help you understand the facts about fire sprinklers, dispel common myths, and show how they can be easily installed in your home to protect the things you value most.

  • Understand how fire sprinkler systems protect you, your family, and your property
  • Discover how fire sprinklers work and how they extinguish flames
  • Learn how to design with fire sprinklers and their installation considerations
  • Read guidelines for selecting a fire sprinkler contractor
  • Learn how to talk with your builder about your plan to install home fire sprinklers

Talking With Your Builder

You know you want home fire sprinklers in your new home. But what if your builder has questions, or states concerns about installing them? Be ready with our free fact sheet. It answers the most common questions and myths and spells out why sprinklers provide the ultimate home fire protection.

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